Me, JS and SEMjs

I have been recently working to improve my Javascript skills and learning more about Javascript. One of the ways I have been doing that is by attending a local meetup called SEMjs, or South East Michigan Javascript meetup. If you are in the southeastern Michigan area, I highly recommend it! They have presentations once a month for various topics, ranging from JS libraries and frameworks, to how REST services work, to lightning talks of various topics, and even had some talks on the Internet of Things. Lately, they have also started having JS study groups, and I just attended once of those. It is a very informal meetup where we all get together and discuss various JS issues. We can bring in our computers and show each other the code we have been working on or code problems we are having, helping and learning from each other.


Before the last study group, we were talking on gitter (, and it was mentioned that we should try using for working on JS problems, and discussing code. I checked it out, and I have to say, I loved the idea! I have since tried out some of the JS exercises, and have learned a lot in a small amount of time. I would say my JS skills are probably intermediate at this point in my career, and I haven’t done much with TDD (test driven development.) The problems in the JS exercises use the jasmine engine ( for testing, so this was a good introduction to TDD for me.

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