Join Me on my Journey of Web Goodness!

To start, I will be honest (which is usually my policy anyway.) I have had a revelation, an epiphany of sorts.

I have been slacking.



[I know! I can’t believe it either!]

So, I have vowed to no longer slack and I am happy to announce that have been feeling successful in recent quests for knowledge. I feel that a good web developer should ALWAYS be ever-diligent in the search and research of new, better, faster [add more adjectives here] ways to create and recreate the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of recreating something that is proven, but at this stage in the game, recreating can yield advances that will help us create a better web! I have started recently with picking up my rusty JS, and finding out the newer, better ways to create code with it. I am also furthering my knowledge of responsive design, progressive enhancement (in it’s newer forms), and HTML5/CSS3 (in their many iterations.) I have been non-stopping reading coding books. I have started creating what I dub “code experiments.” I have created this site with a responsive design, to additionally practice this must-have skill.

Join me on my journey, won’t you? We will slay the beasts of the non-semantic and the non-user-friendly web together, sharing what we learn. Because sharing knowledge is what the web is all about.

On we go then!