Site Url

My Role

I was the lead frontend developer on this fully responsive ecommerce build (built for a Micros client), and I continue to complete code maintenance and updates on this site.

High-level details

  • It is based on OCP (Open Commerce Platform developed by Fry)
  • It is a Java based system, the frontend group worked mostly in the JSP template files
  • It is a fully responsive site
  • The data from this site is being driven by another data source; we call their service with api calls from the java layer of the application
  • There was a team of four frontend developers working on the site

Technologies Used

  • Proprietary javascript organization system for the frontend functionality
  • jQuery
  • SVG/CSS3
  • Json/JsonP/Ajax
  • we used js to do refresh scripting to aid the responsive display

Something Learned

The main thing I think I learned on this site is how to deal with a lot of third party integration and collaboration. Because we were no longer leaning on our base OCP system, for data, or for any of the usual features we use, this site was wide open, in terms of what we could do. There was some frustration when our systems didn’t line and things didn’t work, but, in the end, I think it worked out well, and the client is very pleased with the end product.